Human endocan recombinant 50 kDa (50 µg)

Purified human endocan containing the glycan chain type chondroitin / dermatan sulfate.
Ref : LIP-1001-50U
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This reference ( LIP-1001-50U) is only intended for research (RUO / research use only). And not in diagnostic or therapeutic uses.



Endocan is a proteoglycan composed of a 20 kDa mature polypeptide and a 30 kDa chondroitin / dermatan sulfate chain.

It circulates in the blood to the average concentration of 1 ng / mL.

Key identified biological activities :

  • increases endothelial migration induced by VEGF,
  • comitogen with HGF / SF and FGF-2,
  • protumoral,
  • anti-inflammatory by inhibiting leukocyte activation cascade LFA-1-dependent.


  • Recombinant human Endocan expressed by a human cell line type HEK293
  • Produced in bioreactor in fetal calf serum free medium
  • Purified by ion exchange and immunoaffinity chromatographies
  • PM: 50 kDa in western blot
  • Format: 50 µg
  • Purity: > 90% polyacrylamide gel revealed with silver nitrate
  • Storage at -80°C in phosphate buffer without preservatives

Complementary products

  • Endomark® H1 : LIDM-1201
  • Anticorps anti-endocan humain (N-Ter) MEP21 100 µg : LIA-0902
  • Anticorps anti-endocan humain (C-Ter) MEP14 100 µg : LIA-1001
  • Do It Yourself ELISA Kit H1 (Endocan humain) : LIK-1101


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