Just Do It ELISA Kit H1 (human Endocan)

The JDI (Just Do It) ELISA Kit" H1 or JDIEK H1 is a ready-to-use ELISA kit which allows the quantification of the human Endocan in biological fluids (serum, plasma, etc.) and the human cell culture supernatants.
Ref : LIK-1205
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This reference ( LIK-1205) is only intended for research (RUO / research use only). And not in diagnostic or therapeutic uses.




The JDIEK (Just Do It Elisa Kit) H1 is a sandwich ELISA (ie using two monoclonal anti-human Endocan antibodies) enables 40 samples to be analyzed in duplicate.

Simply have 100 µL of serum, plasma or human cell culture supernatant to perform this assay.

The JDIEK H1 (LIK-1205) contains all of the compounds to allow for the quantification of Endocan in biological fluids (serum, plasma, ascites fluid, vitreous humor, etc.) and in culture supernatants:

  • One 96-well plate pre-coated with capture Antibody,
  • two vials of lyophilized recombinant human Endocan for quantification (LIP-1101),
  • One vial with biotin-coupled, anti-human Endocan monoclonal antibody, said detection Antibody,
  • One vial of enzyme reagent,
  • One vial of ELISA buffer 20X,
  • One vial of substrate solution,
  • One vial of the acid stop solution,
  • Two adhesive films ELISA plate sealing.

The protocol (inserted into the kit and downloadable from our website) is easily achievable and provides highly reproducible results.

You can also buy independently of additional vials of lyophilized human Endocan (companion product: LIP-1101).


  • Detects the human and monkey Endocan
  • • Linearity: 0.3 to 5 ng / ml
  • • detection limit: 0.15 ng / ml
  • • Limit of quantification: 0.3 ng / ml
  • • Within run repeatability (% CV): 4.80%
  • • Inter Series reproducibility (% CV): 7.59%
  • • Interference: No interference observed with hemolyzed plasma, milky or jaundiced


Check our pages Clinical areas and Endocan for more information.

Complementary products

  • Anti-endocan antibody mouse (N-Ter) 100 µg GGR222: LIA-0905
  • Anti- endocan antibody human/mouse/rat (C-Ter) 100 µg MEP14: LIA-1001
  • Anti-endocan antibody mouse/rat (Internal) 100 µg GGR237: LIA-1101
  • Standard mouse Endocan: LIP-1104


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